You might be a good fit for a job as a wind turbine technician if you enjoy a challenge, work with your hands, and are not afraid of heights. This position in wind turbine aerospace testing necessitates individuals enthusiastic about overcoming obstacles and repairing damaged structures to power homes, businesses, and schools.

Because the position can be challenging, there is some training and education required. In this article, we will discuss the job responsibilities of a wind turbine technician, the salary, how to become a wind turbine technician and frequently ask questions about this position.

When it comes to becoming a great wind turbine technician, you must consider the following factors: 

  • Investigate various technical institutes and community colleges.

After graduating from high school and becoming a wind turbine artisan, you should research various technical institutes and community colleges. Because only a few schools provide specific wind turbine programs, you should do extensive research to determine which schools offer the courses you want to specialize in.

  • Attend and complete a school-accredited program

Once you have decided on a school, you can start taking classes toward your wind turbine technology certificate or Associate of Applied Science degree. In your courses, you will participate in lectures and hands-on experiences outside of the classroom. Many programs will give you fieldwork experience while learning about the different parts of a wind turbine and installing or repairing them.

Other coursework and subjects you could study include mechanical and braking systems.

  • Hydraulic and electrical maintenance
  • Systems for computer control and programming
  • CPR, first aid, and rescue training
  • Make use of on-the-job training.

Following graduation, you will be required to complete on-the-job training. You can choose the best location for your year-long training and carry it out there. In this section, employees can learn more about the specific types of wind turbines they want to repair and install. They will also better understand their regular duties and responsibilities due to firsthand experience during training.

Trainees will frequently shadow professional wind turbine technicians during the first few months of training. You will be able to install, repair, and maintain wind turbines on your own with little supervision by the end of your workout.

Look for job openings for wind turbine technicians and prepare your resume.

Once you have obtained the necessary knowledge and capabilities, you can list your wind turbine technician qualifications and experience on your resume. Begin by searching for wind turbine technician jobs online and making a list of the job descriptions that appeal to you the most.

You can then begin tailoring your resume to reflect the information on the job posting. Try to highlight the skills listed in the job description on your resume. 


Becoming a turbine technician requires hard work and diligence before becoming a great person in your job. Make sure you look into the things above to be great. You will always be of interest to big companies, and you will get multiple jobs when you put the above items into consideration.