With convenient swiping features, a sleek digital display, and accessibility from the screen of a phone, it is easy to confuse Yubo for one of the many digital dating platforms that dominate the web today.

First founded in 2015, Yubo was brought to life by a trio of friends from France as they sought better ways for young adults and Generation Z users to connect.

With a focus on user safety and a commitment to constantly updating its technological services, Yubo has gotten the attention of children and parents around the globe.

Even though Yubo is NOT a dating app, we can still dive into what the service offers to understand better why it has become such a popular platform.

Creating Authentic Friendships Online

It has always been challenging to connect with someone, no matter where you are. Whether you want to call a family member across the globe or find a friend with similar interests, Yubo can help foster your ability.

Yubo is a platform that prioritizes assisting its users to make friends and foster genuine connections in a digital-first environment. Interested parties can sign up for the platform by verifying their age through the Yoti digital ID application and connecting to the platform successfully after verification.

According to the team at Yubo, nearly 95% of its users belong to Generation Z, members aged between 13 and 26.

Yubo stated, “We aim to make the platform as safe as it can be for users of all ages.”

Users on the platform can connect through ice-breaking content such as online gaming or live chatting. Human Safety Specialists moderated these interactions, who can intervene should they find the need—to stay Safe In an Online Environment.

To help users connect in an authentic environment, Yubo employs a team of Human Safety Specialists to enforce the Yubo Community Guidelines. From age-gating the platform through ID verification to offering real-time audio and video moderation for live-streaming content, Yubo is working overtime to create a welcoming and safe environment.

Users can swipe through profiles on the platform before connecting with people who might interest them. While this aspect of the platform is reminiscent of Tinder and other dating applications, it is NOT what the platform is used for.

To use Yubo, new users have to read and accept the Community Guidelines. Yubo refers to these guidelines as a living document to be updated regularly to better reflect changes within the digital world.