Communication is vital to all businesses, but keeping in touch with customers can be laborious. In a digital-focused world where people are busier than ever, companies must find a way to remain engaged with their customers while making the process effortless. This is where SMS reminders can help. Mitto, a leading global communications provider, has researched and developed solutions to help improve customer convenience and business appointment management through SMS.

How Do SMS Reminders Offer Customer Convenience?

Whether a customer needs help with a problem or needs a way to access their account, customer service teams are often tasked with offering a seamless connecting process. Most people prefer to spend less time on the phone and instead find the fastest and most clear-cut method of solving their consumer problems. This is where having an SMS gateway can be a game changer for companies.

Customers prefer SMS over email or direct calls. They engage with their text messages faster than with virtually any other component of a company’s marketing efforts. For example, SMS messaging offers:

  • A 98% open rate across the globe, meaning that people open and read the SMS messages provided
  • A 30% response rate is standard, which is far more than what most email marketing campaigns can generate
  • A reach of millions of people in a moment without having to have individual employees connect with them.

Consider how this improves customer convenience. If your business is launching a promotional offer and you want to give clients a code to secure that offer on your website or in your physical location, a fast SMS message solves the problem. It ensures the customer now has access to the code, and since most people consistently keep their cellphones with them, they have that code with them to use later if they need it. That’s a convenience that’s hard to replace, and it all stems from quality SMS campaigns like those Mitto can help your company create.

SMS API Keeps Appointments on Track

You may have visited a doctor’s office and received a business card with the date of the next appointment — and have to hold on to that reminder to make sure you don’t miss your consultation. Today, SMS campaigns can do away with this inconvenience.

Using SMS reminders, you can send your clients a message a week before their business meeting or appointment to remind them about it. You can do the same a few days prior and again on the day of the engagement. Doing this reminds the customer about the appointment and allows them to keep that reminder with them in their text messages. They’re far more likely to engage with it as a result.

With an SMS gateway solution set up, you can easily send out reminders without any limitation or infringement on how you operate your business. That means people get the message and arrive on time. That can help keep your business running smoothly without delays from late customers or missed appointments. This is the type of solution that platforms like Mitto can offer to your business.

Why SMS Gateway Is the Solution

If you still need to get SMS API set up, or you have yet to engage with these campaigns fully, doing so now could change how your company operates. Consider what goes into the process.

You’ll set up the solution with a platform like Mitto, which only takes a short time. That way, you can send out messages automatically when needed. For example, if you’re running a campaign for sales or promotions, you’re able to set these up to arrive in your customers’ text messages at a targeted time. You can also automate the process to ensure that reminders for appointments are sent on a routine basis.

Getting Started

As a business, you should recognize the importance of operations running smoothly, which is where using reminders can work so well. You also know you have to meet your customers’ needs, improving convenience in everything you do. SMS campaigns enable that with ease. Reach out to a platform like Mitto to learn more about how SMS can help you improve communications.