When it comes to the security of your house, everyone makes sure it’s well protected from intruders or accidents. Even more so, if you’ve at some point lost your main door keys, you would know how frustrating it can be to get back into the house.

As strange as it sounds, smart locks are indefinitely a great step towards home automation. They not only add style but function to something every home has, the front door. Smart locks are designed to work with Wi-Fi and voice assistants.

In fact, there are smart locks out there that work with Bluetooth as well. Smart locks come in all shapes and sizes, and due to their popularity, their availability is growing rapidly with every passing day.

The type of technology that comes with smart homes is evolving with time, and its main purpose is to make our daily lives much more convenient. Gone are the days when people would leave a spare key of their main door under a plant pot.

Of course, people still do this but smart locks have reduced it. No matter what your dilemma is when it comes to your doorstep, there’s always a smart lock that fits everyone’s bills. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should get a smart lock.

Diminish the Need to Fish for Your Keys

The entire concept behind a smart lock, in fact, every smart home device is to make your life easier. Most smart locks today have features such as voice control, remote access, sensors, and scenes.

With Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit, it’s more than possible to create scenes such as “OK Google, good morning” that turn the lights on, adjusts the thermostat, and make sure your front door is still locked.

You can easily control the smart lock even when you’re always, as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection. More often than not, this also means buying a plug-in Wi-Fi bridge that allows the lock to be connected to your home network.

Once, this has been done, you can then lock or unlock the front door from anywhere in the world. What if you forgot to lock your food while leaving for work in a rush? A connected smart lock will send you an alert and you can lock it through its app on your smartphone.

Secures Your Home

As mentioned above, smart locks connect to networks, and if you have a smart lock, be mindful to always secure the password, update the app, and consider using a PIN as you can then unlock the door through a voice assistant.

However, smart locks in many ways get rids of the risk of having someone swipe the key from under your plant or doormat. You no longer have to go through the hassle of making copies of the key or keep spares.

Smart locks create just one method of entry, and without it, no one can enter your home, and even if they do, your smart lock will alert you so that you can contact the authorities as soon as possible.

You can set a time on some smart locks so that it locks the door by itself if your phone is no longer in the vicinity of the lock, or a set amount of time as passes. And if you’re someone who’s more than comfortable ditching their keys for good, some smart locks don’t even have the keyway.

Let Family and Friends in While You’re Away

This is another reason why everyone should consider investing in a smart lock. If you own a vacation home, a customer of dog-walking services or cleaning, or perhaps who has family and friends dropping by often, a smart lock can make your life and their life much easier.

You no longer have to make key copies, also spare keys do tend to get lost and only create chaos. With a smart lock, you can give digital keys to people who may need to access your place while you’re away. This can be done through the smart lock’s app.

Moreover, you can also restrict what time someone can enter your home. For example, you can allow particular users to enter only on weekdays between specific times, such as 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.

This also gives you the option to allow family members and roommates unlimited access, hence getting the system to work for the entire house. There are locks that will give one-time access codes to deliverymen so that they can place the parcel just inside the door of your house.

In-home delivery may not be comfortable for some people, however, with proper surveillance, you can now keep an eye on each and every person who enters your home The August smart lock’s August Access allows in-home delivery for particular retailers.

You can purchase the August smart lock at FirstEnergy WV.

Bottom Line

These are the top 3 reasons why smart locks are a great investment. That being said, understand what your needs are when it comes to smart locks, and then go about purchasing that meets all of it!