3D models are slowly but surely becoming an important part of ecommerce. Whether it’s through product photography or augmented reality, businesses are beginning to see the potential in 3D models to improve the customer shopping experience. However, a big challenge with 3D models is file size. If the file size is too large, it can slow load times and frustrate customers. That’s where mesh decimation comes in. In this article, we’ll discuss what mesh decimation is, why it’s important for ecommerce applications, and how it can be used to improve the customer shopping experience.

 What is mesh decimation?

Mesh decimation is a process of reducing the number of triangles in a 3D mesh while preserving the shape of the model. The lessened number of triangles means that the 3D model will be smaller in file size, improving load speed and making it more compatible with various platforms. Mesh decimation is particularly important for ecommerce applications, where load time and file size are critical considerations. By using mesh decimation, we can create 3D models that are user-friendly and easy to deploy in our ecommerce applications.

 When is mesh decimation necessary?

Mesh decimation is often necessary when publishing 3D images to social media or ecommerce platforms. These platforms have image size requirements that can be difficult to meet without decimation. For example, Facebook requires all 3D images to be a particular size, and Shopify recommends 3D images be kept under a certain image size as well. Mesh decimation reduces the number of polygons in a model while preserving its shape and appearance. This allows 3D images to be shrunk in size while still looking good on screen.

 What is the process of mesh decimation?

Mesh decimation is the process of reducing the number of vertices in a 3D mesh while preserving the overall shape of the model. This is done by selectively removing vertices from the mesh in such a way that the remaining vertices can still be used to reconstruct the model. This process is important for ecommerce applications because it improves load speed and makes 3D and augmented reality images more user-friendly.

 How to choose the right decimation tool

Mesh decimation allows you to simplify a 3D mesh by removing data points. This is done in order to improve performance and meet the requirements of various platforms. When it comes to choosing a mesh decimation tool, there are a few factors to consider. The most important one is accuracy. The tool you choose should be able to preserve the quality of the mesh while reducing its file size. Other factors to consider include the type of mesh, the level of decimation, and the destination platform.


Mesh decimation is a powerful method for optimizing 3D models for various platforms, ensuring that images load quickly and meet the requirements of ecommerce applications. By reducing the file size of 3D models, mesh decimation makes 3D and augmented reality images more user-friendly, which helps to improve the overall experience for ecommerce shoppers.