Being a forward-thinking marketer or business owner, it’s natural for you to prioritize the user-experience when they visit your website. Think of the time when you had to pinch your phone’s screen and zoom out, struggling to view the content. Well, the inception of responsive website has done away with these hassles for the good. However, have you considered translating the same experience to potential customers?

Well, a poor mobile experience can result in 40% of users shifting to your competitors’ sites. Presently, more than half the users access the internet through smart devices. If you haven’t made your website responsive to mobile devices yet, you could be throwing away opportunities!

What is a responsive website?

Developers build responsive website in such a way, that it automatically scales the page contents and elements to suit the screen size of the device being used to access it. Simply defined, these websites are user-friendly and compatible with mobiles and tablets. This implies that your visitors through mobile devices would enjoy a seamless journey.

A powerful responsive website can also help you save significant resources. Rather than investing in the maintenance of a website for your PC and that for your handset separately, you would have a single comprehensive portal. Besides, with a responsive website in place, your visitors would not have to unnecessarily pan, zoom, scroll, or resize the pages.

Considering the ease of use, most businesses hire established website designers for making their websites responsive.

Benefits of a responsive website for businesses

  1. Greater flexibility

It is easy to incorporate changes on responsive websites. Whether you need to fix a typo or tweak the design, you can make these changes at a single touchpoint.

Besides, you must be knowing that Google’s algorithms prefer websites that are mobile-friendly. This mobile-first approach during ranking ensures that your responsive website would rank faster. Therefore, investing in such a website makes sense!

  1. Enhanced conversions

Google reposts that sites that are difficult to navigate experience a high bounce rate. This implies that your visitors would leave your website if they encounter an unimpressive experience.

A responsive website design offers a seamless experience to the uses. Firstly, they would not be redirected to a different URL, speeding up the loading time significantly. Besides, the visitors would enjoy the fluid pages, that automatically fit the content and images into their handset. After all, happy visitors are likely to convert fast.

  1. Boost relevance

Marketers can frame their messages uniquely for each platform while using a responsive site. For instance, you might want to highlight your CTA buttons more conspicuously for mobile devices. Besides, certain messages or visual elements are suitable for specific platforms. Hiring a reputed website designer, you can incorporate these specifications seamlessly.

  1. Elevate your business

A responsive website design ensures that you can reach out to a larger number of potential clients. While 80% of the shoppers use mobile devices for online shopping, 70% of the customers use mobile phones to shop around on the holidays. These numbers speak tons about the massive business potential you can tap. With a responsive site, you can eventually reach out to these masses with your merchandise and service.

Hire experienced professionals for responsive website designing

With a robust responsive website designing spearheading your business, you can tap the potential lying with mobile users. This implies that you would be converting potential clients even during their casual browsing!

Besides, a consistent experience on all platforms leverages lead generation and sales. Partnering with a reputed digital marketing company, you can get all sorts of insights through analytics and tracking. With all these reports available in a single place, you can seamlessly deploy your strategies. Evidently, investing in a responsive website can leverage your business.

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