No one can blame you if you decide to use your social media frequently. With the amount of content available, it’s easy to get hooked. The problem is that you might not do other essential things. As a result, your time gets spent with social media only. If you wish to change, here are some tips to help you.

Disable some of your apps

It’s possible to disable your social media apps temporarily. While they’re on disable mode, you can’t use them. Then, re-enable them later if you feel like using them again. This strategy doesn’t necessarily deter you from using social media. However, turning it on and off can be time-consuming. Hence, you think twice before starting to use the apps again.

Set a timer

The timer can help you stop using social media when you reach the limit. It’s an excellent way of disciplining yourself. You can even take it to the next level by using time blocks. Instead of stopping yourself for only an hour or two, you can extend it to several hours a day. Use your social media outside of the time block. Try to stay disciplined and don’t go against the rules you set for yourself.

Find other things to do

You won’t always think about using your social media apps if you’re busy doing other things. Try to pursue a hobby or learn a new skill. You may also invite your friends over for coffee. While talking, drop your phone. If you wish to stay online, there are other exciting things to do apart from social media. For example, you can try online casino games like NetBet. You will feel entertained and excited with the available games.

Keep your phone away when you’re busy with a task

When you’re at work, and you don’t need your social media accounts, don’t use them. However, if you decide to go to the gym and exercise, you can also keep your phone. Return to social media use once you get things done.

Unfollow unnecessary pages

Your social media page must only be for interactions you want with people you love and trust. These sites can be addictive because you get exposed to unnecessary content. It helps if you unfollow pages that don’t hold value. Instead, stick with your primary goal of communicating with the people in your closest circle. It’s also a healthy practice since you keep yourself away from harmful content.

Have a digital detox day

If you don’t wish to get exposed to social media content, set a digital detox day. During this day, you won’t use your phone for anything. For example, you won’t accept calls or respond to emails. You must also do away with the basic features like timer, alarm, or calculator. Instead, use other devices for these tasks.

When you’re determined to change your ways, it’s possible. Social media is beneficial in many ways, but you can’t let it consume you. It can be challenging at first, but you can reduce your time for social media use.