According to Matt Davies Stockton, there are plenty of cool gadgets in the market. However, most of them just look cool and are gimmicky at best. Instead, let’s look at some of the coolest gadgets that can improve your modern life. These gadgets serve a practical purpose while boasting some cool technology.

The Gadgets

  1. BioLiteFirePit – If you like camping, this is an amazing gadget that was designed for you. During camping trips, a campfire provides you with heat, natural light, protection from wild animals, and also allows you to cook your food. However, the smoke that comes with it can ruin the fun and isn’t good for your lungs. The BioLiteFirePit solves that problem.

It is a Bluetooth-controlled wood-burning system that cooks your meals and creates a beautiful outdoor floating fire without emitting smoke. It’s able to pull off this miracle with its advanced airflow system. An integrated fan injects the pit with air across 51 jets. This improves combustion dramatically and burns off particulate matter before it has a chance to escape the fire as smoke. The dramatically increased combustion also allows you to go from spark to fire within just half a minute.

  1. VeSync Mini Smart Plug by Etekcity – Smart light bulbs and ceiling fans have become cheap and affordable over the years. Your home’s HVAC system has also been smart since the Nest thermostat was introduced in the market. However, your home still has a lot of gadgets that are plugged into the traditional wall socket and can’t be controlled remotely over your home’s Wi-Fi network.

It’s time to change that with the VeSync Mini Smart Plugs. These smart plugs plug into the traditional sockets of your home and can be controlled via your Wi-Fi network. So, whether you plug lamps, toasters, microwave ovens, or any other gadget. All of them can be remotely turned on or off with the VeSync app. You can even set timers to automatically cut off power and also monitor power draw from the plugs.

  1. Code Jumper – Code Jumper is a revolutionary set of gadgets that can enable blind or visually impaired children to learn the basics of computer science. It comes as a set of physical pods that provide touch and audio feedback and allow children to create basic sequences in computer programming.

It’s a physical and fun way of creating computer code by moving around pods and plugging them into each other or the hub to create computer code and educate children and programming skills. With over 25 hours of instruction and 19 lessons, this gadget can help impart basic computer science knowledge to your children and ignite that learning passion within them.


Matt Davies Stockton suggests that you do your own research on these gadgets and buy them if they serve a practical purpose in your modern life. Instead of spending money on useless things, it’s better to invest in cool gadgets that make your life easier and add more value to it.