If you’re in the world of digital entertainment, YouTube per se, then using email marketing to grow your YouTube channel can be a powerful strategy. With the help of email marketing, you can grow your channel to aim to engage your audience, promote your videos, and build a loyal subscriber base.

While it may seem enticing, many people need help developing an email marketing strategy. If you’re one of those people, this article is for you! Here are seven tips to help you develop an email marketing campaign for your channel.

Build an email list

The first step in your email marketing campaign for your channel will be to develop a solid email list of your existing YouTube subscribers, website visitors, and social media followers. You can create sign-up forms on your YouTube channel, website, and other platforms, allowing you to get the email addresses you need for the list.

However, getting people to subscribe to your email list isn’t easy. Still, you can make it simpler and more enticing by offering exclusive content, behind-the-scenes access, or giveaways that can encourage more people to subscribe to your email list.

Segment your email list

Segmentation is always a good way to understand your audience and their demographics, allowing you to cater to them better. You can segment your audience based on subscribers’ interests, preferences, and behaviors by deeply analyzing the analytics of your YouTube channel.

Segmenting your email list will allow you to send targeted and relevant content to different groups of subscribers and make your email marketing campaign a hit. For example, if you create videos on multiple topics, you can send emails focusing on specific topics to subscribers who have shown interest in those areas.

Email promotions for content

If you have a steady-going channel or are new to the YouTube influencer game, you can use email marketing to promote your content for your followers. Try to use your email list to promote your latest YouTube videos by sending out emails and notifications for your email list subscribers; Market is a personal reminder from you!

You can further elevate this by sending out email notifications whenever you upload a new video but making it more productive for your audience by including a compelling subject line, a brief description of the video, and a clear call to action encouraging recipients to watch, like, comment, and subscribe.

Create exclusive content

Only some people nowadays prefer signing up to email lists or reading emails, so try to reward your email subscribers with exclusive content unavailable on your YouTube channel.

Providing exclusive content via email will help keep your audience hooked to your emails, and throw in references to the content in your videos to remind audiences why they need to read your emails on time!

Exclusive content for email marketing could include behind-the-scenes footage, bloopers, extended versions of videos, or early access to upcoming content. Offering unique email content will create a sense of exclusivity and encourage people to stay subscribed.

Collaborate and cross-promote

Collaborations and cross-promotions can help you gather the audience you want and are pieces of content that can make emails interesting for your subscribers. Try to leverage your email list to initiate collaborations and cross-promotions with other YouTubers or influencers in your niche.

The benefit behind collaborations is not merely having access to each other’s audience but also showing the community your ability to work as a team and build loyalty and credibility.

If you successfully find a collaborator, the two of you can opt to send out joint emails to both your email lists, introducing each other’s channels and explaining the collaboration’s value. A collaborative email strategy expands your reach, introduces you to new subscribers, and strengthens your relationships within your niche.

Design eye-catching and creative emails

If you’re trying to promote your videos and channel, try putting the same effort into your email marketing campaign and ensuring that your emails are high quality. Don’t send out poorly curated emails. Rather, show your audiences the drive to develop quality digital and written content.

You can do this by opting for online graphic design tools or platforms, like PosterMyWall, which can be your go-to platform for creating eye-catching and personalized email campaigns. With such platforms, you can customize templates with your branding elements, colors, and fonts, ensuring your emails are an extension of your YouTube channel’s visual identity.

PosterMyWall also simplifies email publishing, as you can export your designs in various formats compatible with popular email marketing platforms. Whether using platforms like Mailchimp, ConvertKit, or others, PosterMyWall’s seamless integration streamlines bringing your designs to life in your emails.

Furthermore, using influencer email templates can help you with not just the design but will also aid in curating the perfect texts for your emails.

Engage and interact

As a digital media influencer, you can only survive and thrive by engaging and interacting with your audiences. Besides your comments section, you can also encourage interaction and engagement within your emails.

Make your emails interesting and interactive by asking questions, seeking feedback, or including polls related to your YouTube content. While such email additions will certainly boost your open rates, the connection and bond you develop with your audience will also be strengthened, helping you build the rapport and trust a digital influencer needs to grow.

Don’t forget to respond to replies and comments to foster a sense of community and to let your audience know that interacting with them means something to you.

Run exclusive giveaways and contests

You can even engage your email subscribers by organizing exclusive giveaways and contests that incentivize people to join your email list and generate excitement and participation. You can promote these contests through your YouTube videos and social media channels, but keep the entries exclusive to your email subscribers.

Sending out dedicated emails announcing the contest, updating participants on progress, and eventually announcing the winners can create a sense of community and anticipation among your subscribers.

Consistency and frequency

Consistency is key when uploading videos to YouTube, building a channel, and developing an email marketing schedule. Keeping your email rate consistent is crucial and necessary for building a routine. Whether you opt for a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter, maintaining a predictable frequency helps your subscribers anticipate your emails.

While you should aim for consistency, there is a fine line between consistency and pushiness; be mindful not to overwhelm them with excessive emails, which could lead to unsubscribes.


Email marketing can be a valuable tool to complement your YouTube channel growth efforts. Still, it should be done in a way that provides value to your subscribers rather than coming across as overly promotional.

Always remember that being authentic and conveying your channel’s ideology and value set is important when opting for email marketing. Authenticity will help your email marketing succeed, your channel grows, and people will love your content because it is credible.

Happy marketing!

Written by: Raahim Jamshed