Yubo is dedicated to creating a safer social media experience for its users, mostly Gen Z.

From age-based protection to community outreach, here are some of the ways this popular live streaming platform is living up to its vision of a safer place online for teens to express themselves, explore ideas, and hang out.

Age Verification Tech that Works

Yubo uses an AI age verification tool called Yoti. Other platforms like Instagram are exploring the use of this tool. But Yubo takes it further.

They’ve built their platform around age-based communities. So, not only does age verification block people who are too young to use the platform. It manages the age-appropriateness of content they can see. This can keep younger Gen Z users from seeing content created by and intended for older Gen Z users.

The technology compares a picture of the user to the age they state on their profile. If the AI doesn’t believe the age matches or the photo may not be genuine, it will request additional verification information. But for the vast majority, this creates a quick and seamless process.

Masking Young Users’ Locations

Yubo gives users the option to completely block the visibility of their location on the app.

If a user tries to share their actual location on the platform, they’ll get a popup educating them about why it’s dangerous. It then asks them to think about it before posting.

It also doesn’t have a free with ads model as some other platforms do. Those platforms allow advertisers to target children with ads, something this platform would like to do better.

Yubo has created a “freemium version” to get people started on the app. Then the user (or their parents) can pay a small fee for the premium level.

This paid version comes with some perks both Gen Z and their parents would be willing to pay for.

  • For Gen Z, greater visibility and exclusive content features
  • For parents, a safe space for their tween or teen to hang out online

Monitoring and Intervening During a Situation

To further their investment in Gen Z safety, they’ve decided to hire real people to monitor social media activity. If these individuals see something, they have the ability to intervene in real-time.

Since there’s more content being created than moderators could ever monitor, Yubo enlists AI’s help to quickly identify where human moderators need to focus to provide the safest space possible.

Actively Working with Non-Profit Child Advocacy

Yubo recognizes that communities need to work together to promote a safe space for Gen Z. They partner with government agencies and global teen safety organizations like these:

  • National Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Children (UK)
  • National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (US)
  • Point de Contact (France)
  • Cyberbullying Research Center
  • Good Thinking
  • The Diana Award
  • e-Enfance

They continue to look for new ways to promote a safe community for their users.