Most seasoned Web Designers and Developers have a summary of tools and sources saved they make reference to from time-to-time. The 5 no-cost products here are little gems which i utilize quite frequently.

Browser Compatibility

Everyone knows how important it’s to check a brand new site for compatibility using the multiple Browsers available on the market. Should you operate a Home windows based PC, installing and running multiple browsers could be a nightmare.

‘Browsershots’ utilizes volunteer people to consider screenshots of the posted website as made on various os’s and browsers. Simply visit and go into the Link to an internet site you want to view. Because of the recognition from the service, URLs get put into a queue for processing and therefore are visible for you very rapidly.

After your screenshots are prepared, your URL is going to be associated with in the ‘queue page’. You will see thumbnails of the website viewed through the different browsers and various os’s that you simply formerly selected in the drop downs and checkboxes. You may also select different browsers at specific screen resolutions. Should you run special plug-ins in your machine, you can observe what goes on when visitors that do not have them navigate your website.

A thing of caution around the ‘queue page’. The queue and screenshots are visible to any or all visitors. For those who have a private client or perhaps a Website design in beta that you might want to help keep private, using Browsershots is most likely not recommended.

Ease of access/Convenience Tools

‘The Scrutinizer’ touts ‘231 Tools in a single Place’, plus they aren’t kidding. provides the time crunched Web Designer/Developer tools listed under three primary groups, ‘URL Tools’, ‘Keyword Tools’ and ‘IP Tools’.

In the primary page you are able to select tools for example ‘CSS to English’, ‘Windows Live’ and ‘IP to City’ lookup.

DNS Tools

A great resource which i have useful for years resides at

In the primary page you should check A, C, MX, NS, & SOA records, reverse DNS lookups, ISP cached DNS lookups, Ping, Traceroute, etc. for just about any domain or Ip. You may also run Abuse, Junk e-mail database and WHOIS lookups. You may also look into the speed of the DNS host.

Within the ‘Other Tests’ section, (very bottom of primary page), you may use the ‘CSE HTML Validator’ to check on your website for HTML errors or test their email.

Web Presentation Tool

‘PowerPoint’ for that Web.

AJAX-S, (AJAX-Slides), is really a free, lightweight slideshow application according to HTML, CSS, Java and XML. It enables you to definitely make your own custom slide presentations for that Web without resorting to any particular program or provider.

In the primary page you may use the dropdown menu, (lower left-hands corner of page), to navigate the web site. The download page is titled ‘Rounding up’.

Navigation Tool

With all the Internet security software problems that exist today, readers are frequently unwilling to click a hyperlink that navigates to a different Website. ‘Link Thumbnail’ can have these potential customers where they’re headed.

Whenever a visitor’s cursor hovers over an exterior hyperlink in your page, ‘Link Thumbnail’ script will create a small picture of the destination page. It is a nice visual cue that provides the customer a clearer look at what’s ahead.