Though it may seem untraditional, most graduating high school students interested in pursuing higher education will do most of their research digitally. This goes beyond colleges providing breakdowns of degree programs, curriculum or other institutional offerings. In fact, many colleges and begun using some of the most popular social media applications as a way to continue attracting new students. Understanding that there is a competition for potential students’ attention, the pressure is on all of the higher education institutions hoping to keep students interested in their offerings to adapt accordingly. In order to do this, though, these institutions must prepare to weather the storm that is the digital landscape of college searches. Inability to do so will have a negative impact on the likelihood of a college ever effectively reaching students interested in their programs. This is no easy task, and many colleges fail to ever realize any sort of advantage within this digital landscape. In order to avoid a disconnection between your institution and its aspiring students, be sure to review the resource accompanying this post.

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