Microsoft Dynamics are defined as the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that is normally used for the growth of a business. The dynamics applications allow the combining of information of your business employees, customers, and activities. This is a combination of ERP, i.e., Enterprise Resource Planning and CRM, i.e., Customer Relationship Management.

It is not possible to perform all the business work all by yourself. You need help to perform this properly. Do you know that Microsoft Dynamics combines both the qualities of CRM and ERP and is used by several companies to see growth in the business field? If you read further, you can know everything about Microsoft Dynamics and avail the partners of Dynamics in USA .

In USA, who is the Microsoft Dynamic Partners?

From the year 2001, Microsoft Dynamics started to acquire partners, and in 2004 it found 50 partners in USA. After five years, the no. of partners drops down by 80%. But soon, it saw a growth of more than 125 partners.

Microsoft Dynamics in 2018 partnered with Business Central eliminating Dynamics NAV because Business Central gives Microsoft Dynamics the power to control the financial purposes, sales, purchases, projects management, and many more things.

Some of the applications that are partnered with Microsoft Dynamics are:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central This partner app helps you to connect and grow your business. This is mainly used for accounting, invoicing, purchasing, inventory, and reporting. This app helps manage all your financial things with ultimate accuracy and helps create a customer bond with your business selling a smarter product.
  • Charge Logic Payme- This partner app helps to create a safe and secured payment method that can be used by phones or e-mails. This app can help you enjoy a secure payment and manage all your data directly in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This partner app has some special features that include:

–         Security

–         Payment

–         Scheduled Return

–         24*7 Reporting

–         Reuniting

–         Safe channeling

  • Avalara- This is a very good partner app for Microsoft Dynamics. It helps you bypass the native rate table functions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and easily calculate all the calculations without tension. You can further store it in the cloud space provided by this partner app. It keeps a grip on the sales tax returns, payments, and tax notice functions. Furthermore, it helps to collect, store, track, report, and analyzes released notices.
  • Data integration script for Google Analytics- This is a partner app of Microsoft that helps you execute Google Tax Manager Tag into your commercial website that can help to grow your audiences. After that, it also makes a tally in Google Analytics. This is mainly a web-analytic serve that helps you get a report on your site’s amount of traffic and performs continuous tracking. Moreover, it gives you an insight into your business that you can check to improve your service or business.
  • Self Service for Dynamics Human Resources- This app helps to provide Customer Service. This is where employees can generate their leaves, track their performance, and many more. This brings excellence to HR by providing them all the reports and reviews. Some of the main features of this partner app are:

–         It helps to provide an accurate attendance report by tracking the terminal, outlook, virtual time clock, etc.

–         Everything regarding Leaves can be accessed from here.

–         It manages travel expenses

–         It saves time and also very comfortable to use. 

  • MazikCare COVID-19 Test Scheduler- This is a recent partner app that helps you schedule your Covid-19 tests. This is a health care app that helps you to perform mobile testing anywhere, anytime. This app is helping the governments of USA to have a brief report on the impact of the virus and can get data on how much person this virus is affecting.
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Voice- This partner app helps you have a clear knowledge of your customer’s feedback. Feedback is the most important thing to grow a business, and this app, however, helps to grow your business. Moreover, you can create a survey report based on the insight provided by this app and then can send it via email or other sources.
  • ProRM Fast Start- This app itself looks after the four functions that are important for the growth of your business. The functions include:

–         Tracking

–         Approval Managing

–         Granting Project

–         Invoicing


No wonder if you use Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting, you can achieve great success in your business. Microsoft Dynamics 365  is much more effective than the other versions. So don’t wait to avail yourself with the best.