Crypto Exchange is essential while buying or selling cryptocurrencies. The online services provided by the crypto exchange are similar to that of a stockbroker. It also provides you with the tool beneficial for buying and selling digital currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and dogecoin. You tend to acquire the best services with minimum fees and a high security level.

The best Bitcoin exchanges make you understand how to trade BTC on Bittrex. However, while selecting the appropriate exchange, it is significant to consider the aspects like currencies, pricing, withdrawal options, and security.

Let’s move further with the blog and learn the top 5 bitcoin exchanges to use in 2021 in detail.


Coinbase is one of the top bitcoin exchanges with almost no controversy. You can use this exchange effortlessly with substantially fewer barriers for entering the cryptocurrency investment. The exchange’s solution offers insured custodial wallets where investors and traders can store their investments. It protects the insurance from data breaches or hacking by storing it in FDIC insured bank accounts.  Thus, if you are new to cryptocurrency, you can entirely rely on Coinbase in 2021. is the bitcoin exchange that consists of more than 70 cryptocurrencies. Each of the cryptocurrencies provides unique perks, such as a crypto rewards debit card for the users who want to optimize their coin-based rewards.  It delivers discounts on trading fees to those with high balances in’s Proprietary Stablecoin (CRO). It also provides 8 percent benefits on debit card spending. It is high cybersecurity ratings with limited margin trading available.

Cash App

Cash App, a money transfer system similar to Venmo. Apart from splitting bills, paying rent, and other ordinary services, Cash App also offers its user to invest in stocks, ETFs, and Bitcoin. The mobile interface used by this exchange solution is quite convenient and effortless for beginners. It has features like withdrawal of cryptocurrency investments that is one of the best features of Cash App.


Bittrex is one of the best and highly reputable bitcoin exchanges with multiple coin options. It provides discounted schedules to high-profile traders. It has an easy-to-use interface for beginners, which means users can buy or sell efficiently and without facing any problems. Users can choose the best coin among hundreds of coins. However, it tends to provide less cybersecurity than other bitcoin exchanges.


Bisq is downloadable software and a decentralized Bitcoin and crypto exchange. It is considered the bitcoin exchange of 2021 with no hub for the failure of taking down. It allows the user to use the funds and keep others out of it. There is no registration and KYC rule in this software which makes it accessible on computers and smartphones.


Bitcoin exchanges are the best service provider of cryptocurrency. For selecting among the above five bitcoin exchanges, you need to consider their fee structure, security, and other significant factors for efficient investment in cryptocurrency.