Picture Cross games are among the best puzzle games out there. They are also popularly known as Picross, nonogram, or griddler. These games are very fun and addictive too. Additionally, they can boost your creativity as they require some sort of creativity in order to solve them.

But before we delve into some of the best secrets that can help you solve a picture cross puzzle, you need to understand what this popular and addictive puzzle game is all about.

What is a picture cross?

Picture cross is a puzzle game that the player needs to solve by coloring in blocks in the grid according to the instructions they have been given. Once the player has finished, they will end up with a picture. While this game may seem quite easy, there are certain levels that are quite challenging and need you to be very keen.

How is this game played?

Well, if you want to play a Picross puzzle game, you should first consider each column and rows separately. The solved line will store all the data about the possible colors for a given cell. What it means is that your mobile device or PC does not have to derive data from the calculated matrix.

You can also play a picture cross puzzle using a priority data structure, in which elements may have a priority linked with them. This way, high-priority cells are solved at the start.

Of course, there are plenty of ways one can solve a picture cross puzzle. However, regardless of the method you choose, it should be easy to understand and help you achieve the objective of the game, which is to color in squares in the grid based on the instructions you have been given. You will realize that the Xbox Gold games become easier as you continue playing them.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best secrets to solving a picture cross puzzle

  • Practice! Practice! Practice!

One of the best secrets to becoming the best picture cross puzzle player is by practicing a lot. As always, practice makes perfect. There are times when you will get stuck while playing a Picross puzzle. In addition to that, some levels can be very challenging, making it difficult for you to proceed to the next level. This is precisely why you need to practice more. You can read articles or eBooks online that can help you play Picross puzzles like a pro.

  • You shouldn’t pay attention to the color of the blocks

Some blocks in your Picross puzzle can be grey, white, or grey. But remember that these colors really don’t matter, which is why you don’t have to pay attention to them. The only thing that matters and you should pay attention to is the number of repeated blocks that are available to help you match the numbers on the side.

Final thoughts

Playing picture cross puzzles can be very fun, especially if you are equipped with the right tips and tricks. We hope that this article helps you become a pro picture cross puzzler!