There’s no doubt that the future lies in technology. We explored which careers to train for if you want to be part of a digital tomorrow.

A career in information technology is the sure-fire way for you to secure an income for life. While technology constantly shifts, there are certain staples in the digital world which we all rely on, every day. Whether your focus is on the hardware that powers the technology or the software that we use to access and control the technology. The future is most definitely digital.

From websites to AI and business automation, the diverse world of information technology represents infinite possibilities in the digital space.

Technology Has Evolved to Become the Focal Point of the Workplace

It’s true. The workplace has been evolving towards becoming remote since the 80s, when the concept of a satellite office was first devised. The first few websites emerged in the 90s and now, in 2021, there are approximately 1.88bn known websites online.

There are several fantastic resources online that can show you the progress of technology even over the last twenty years. If we look at statistics per household item, we can see that only about 42% of people had both a cellular phone and an internet connection in the year 2000. A little over twenty years ago, the concept of remote work was still a far-off dream.

Whichever way you look at the data, technology is shaping our advancement. Training for it now allows you the best chances of landing a leading role in the future.

Which Tech Careers to Train For?

According to leading tech job finding site Hays Technology, here are some of the best careers to train in for tech and IT career success.

1 – Cyber Security

The more people start using automated cash payments, the more cyber security we will need. The future of thievery is less break-into-your-house and more break-into-your-online-accounts. Computer Science is for STEM students and will lead you towards a career in developing new ways to fight back against hacking.

2 – Robotics Engineering

Robotics Engineering involves the designing and building of new automation systems. Those with both robotics engineering and mechanical engineering are able to focus their studies on building both AI software and devices. From this foundation, you could further study to specialize in areas of interest to you. For example, you might study communications tech to work on tracking devices, or focus on coding to help machines run.

3 – Architect

We leave which type of architect blank here, because you could have any computing specialty that you like. Web architects will always have high paid roles and plenty of work in designing their share of the 1.88bn websites out there. Application architects, on the other hand, can make a fortune building apps for everyday use.

4 – Computer Software Engineering

Another great example of future tech careers is the computer software engineer. Often overlooked but vital for the internet’s success, these engineers use mathematical computations to develop the code that makes everything digital run. They are the real heroes of the digital revolution.

Start Training Tech for a Bright Future

If you want a steady stream of work in your future, train for tech today.