Karan Bajaj Explains Why Teaching Kids Coding At A Young Age Is A Smart Move

It’s never too early to start great habits, and it’s never too early to start learning a remarkable skill for the future, according to Karan Bajaj. WhiteHat Jr works to teach kids the ins and outs of coding, setting them up for an exciting future no matter what field of study they choose later in life.

Coding doesn’t just teach kids how to code; it also teaches them persistence, perseverance, and new ways of thinking about problems. Karan Bajaj, WhiteHat Jr CEO, explains why coding at a young age can be beneficial for a child’s future.

An Early Start Matters

Bajaj explains that children peak in their creativity around age five to six. According to Bajaj, “That’s when the mind is making the most freestanding creative thoughts.”

WhiteHat Jr works to make the most of the early formative years, allowing children to harness their creativity while also building confidence in their ability to create. Teaching children to code early on isn’t about convincing them to become coders or about setting them up for a long-term future in software development. Rather, the platform uses coding as a means to help children learn to love the creative process.

How WhiteHat Jr Uses Building Blocks To Create An Outcome

A young child’s coding education at WhiteHat Jr is block-based, according to Karan. Students create small blocks of code, then put them together to create a larger outcome.

As kids move through their coding education, they begin to see their ideas take shape. Learning that it’s possible to build an idea or a concept one small step at a time can help children develop perseverance and dedication to excel in future educational pursuits.

Programs at WhiteHat Jr strive to give kids the confidence they need to succeed over time. At the start of courses, kids are guided more heavily than at the end. Over time, kids are given the ability to take their coding into their own hands, allowing them to understand the impact of moving an idea toward fruition with confidence.

Karan Bajaj emphasizes that the point of their coding classes isn’t to create coding authors who are ready to become elementary school prodigies. Instead, the programs offered at WhiteHat Jr work to teach kids that they can use the spark of an idea in their minds to create a tangible product and make an impact on their world. Learning this at a young age can have a plentiful impact on an individual’s perspective and future goals.