Retail merchant account services are highly beneficial for merchants seeking growth and success in the business. If you have also been postponing the idea of having your retail merchant account for a long time, the right time to get one is now. As the global retail industry continues to receive a major thrust, you cannot afford to lag behind your competition just because you are still following the traditional methods of accepting payments from your customers. Some of the greatest benefits associated with retail merchant account services are listed hereunder for your quick reference:

Benefits of Retail Merchant Account Services

  •         Accept payments through credit cards – As most customers now prefer cashless payments and online shopping, you (as a retailer) stand to gain immensely from retail merchant account services.  Merchant accounts make it easier for retailers to accept payments, which makes business easy for them.
  •         Increase your sales – As you give more payment options to your customers, you definitely open up your business to a broader customer base. The more customers you have the greater sales you may generate.
  •         Manage your funds better – When you are in complete control of your incoming and outgoing funds, recurring bills, invoices, etc., you can manage your funds better. Needless to say, efficient money management is the key to better decision-making and a profitable business in the long run. With your online retail merchant account, you can manage all your money right online!
  •         Rid your business of bad/bouncing checks – Your retail high risk merchant account saves you from the bouncing and bad checks. You get your money on time through the most reliable channels.
  •         Happy client base – By allowing your customers to shop from your store anytime, anywhere using their credit cards online, you will ensure each transaction is safe and quick. The convenience, safety, and quickness of making payments adds to customer satisfaction and lead to happy customers.

How Do I Get Retail Merchant Account Services?

As retail belongs to the high-risk category of industries, you will need high risk merchant account to start accepting payments and making online financial transactions. Online retail businesses, such as grocery stores, drug stores, etc., are prone to high risks of chargebacks and frauds.  Merchants in this sector need high-risk merchant accounts to prevent financial losses and to carry out their transactions seamlessly.

You’ll need an acquiring bank for underwriting your business to open your high risk retail merchant account in the USA. A renowned and trusted merchant account service provider, such as Payment USA, can make your task easier.

What Does a High-Risk Merchant Account Mean?

High risk merchant accounts, as the name indicates, are the payment processing accounts specifically designated to businesses (merchants) that fall in the “high risk” category. As already discussed above, high-risk businesses are more vulnerable to chargebacks and higher fees accompany their merchant services.

Owing to the risk associated with this segment, most financial institutions and payment processing firms stay away from such merchants and businesses. With Payment USA, however, you can have your merchant account and accept payments from your customers, vendors, and associates.

The rate of risk in any business is calculated on the basis of industry reputation, payment processing history, and ratio of chargebacks. A high-risk merchant’s key characteristics include:

  •         Huge sales volume of $20,000 or more
  •         Average card transactions above $500
  •         Excessive chargebacks
  •         Poor credit history

High risk merchant accounts are a must for high-risk retailers and businesses including forex trading, gambling, casino, adult-themed sites, airlines, airplane charters, antiques, automotive brokers, drug stores, dating sites, among others.

How Do I Get High Risk Retail Merchant Account Services?

 It’s easier than you thought! To get your retail merchant account and high risk merchant account in the USA, you just need to contact a reliable merchant account service provider like Payment USA. Discuss your account and payment processing requirements with them and leave the rest to them. Connecting with the reputed provider is the easiest way to get a high risk merchant account and avail retail merchant account services effortlessly.

Visit the Payment USA website for more information or contact the experts @ Payment USA!