While consumer preferences have grown alongside of the e-commerce industry, there is still a split verdict out on what customers want most: free for fast shipping. Many consumers only think about whether it costs them something to have an order shipped rather than thinking about all that goes into the process of order fulfillment. Fulfillment to the extent of businesses like Amazon require a great deal of resources to be invested. With larger corporations such as Amazon, however, many of these operations have been mastered; whereas smaller businesses are effectively weaker in a number of ways when it comes to order fulfilment. In attempts to avoid providing customers with sour experiences, smaller businesses must perfect their shipping capabilities as best they can. In an effort to keep these customer experiences positive and continue to provide a satisfactory fulfilment and delivery timetable without limiting other parts of your organization’s processes, be sure to review the resource featured alongside this post for more information.

Free vs. Fast: Where Do You Stand With Delivery? presented by WAREHOWZ, an organization offering storage warehouse for rent