When your mugshot appears online, it ruins a lot of your opportunities. Employers, potential mates, and others are put off if they see your arrest picture when they look up your name in search engines or on mugshot sites. This is true even if you were arrested for something minor, or if you were later found innocent or the charges were dropped. Because of this, it’s worth it to take steps to remove your mugshot from easily-located sources.

Get Your Mugshots Erased

The easiest way to get your mugshots and arrest records out of easy view is to hire a company that specializes in the service. When you hire them to erase mugshots, you save hours of time. Even better, you don’t have to worry about missing one of the potential sources. The company knows which sites and databases are available, and will make sure to follow the correct procedure for removing your information from each of them.

Mugshot erasure services don’t just stop with getting your picture out of the search engine results. They can also remove arrest records and booking information from the sites that display them.

Can You Get Your Records Cleaned Up for Background Checks?

Companies that specialize in making it hard to find your arrest or criminal background can also provide a background check removal service if you choose. Most background check companies don’t have a special “in” with the police, but instead, use one of the many public records sites that can be found online. Background check removal services get records eliminated from these sites.

How Does the Best Mugshot Removal Service Outperform the Rest?

Mugshot removal services aren’t all the same. The best mugshot removal service goes beyond just filling out forms on sites. It also knows how to handle sites that are reluctant to cooperate.

There are several ways to deal with a site that refuses to remove your mugshot, arrest record, or related information. They can cause pages to be deindexed from Google, bury the page with the unwanted information under favorable pages about you, and more.

The best mugshot removal service will also make sure that old search listings from sites that do remove your listing cease to exist. They will inform the search engines of the page’s removal, and the engines will update their results.

Do You Need a Mugshot Removal Lawyer?

Legally, sites may not charge you to remove your mugshot. They must also remove mugshots and arrest information if you have been found not guilty by a court or the charges were dismissed. Despite this, not all sites comply with the law. When that happens, it’s a good idea to hire a mugshot removal lawyer.

If you need your mugshot or arrest information removed from easy viewing, contact us. We can get the job done regardless of its complexity.