Adding automated personalization to your eCommerce website can be greatly beneficial for the success of your online business. Indeed, your business can stand out from the competition by delivering personal experiences as opposed to showing irrelevant content to a large audience.

With the collection of personal data, the personalization algorithm can share exclusive content targeted for each visitor’s needs and interests. When done correctly, showing specific information tailored to each user’s preferences helps to build brand loyalty, increase traffic, and improve conversion rates vastly.

This article is written for your company’s best interest as it explains what automated personalization is, and tells you why you should implement it on your website.

What is Automated Personalization?

Personalization refers to the process of designing a personal experience for every visitor of a website, by showing highly engaging and unique content that matches their interests. To do so, the website recognizes the customers from their past purchases, browsing behaviours, demographics, preferences, locations and other personal data.

Automated Personalization Tools

You can provide an individual experience through manual personalization.

Using this method takes a lot of time as you need to sort out the data for each user, analyse it, and finally, create individualized content. The manual personalization process requires a lot of organization and takes a while to achieve.

However, with automated personalization, you can beneficiate from tools that help you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. Integrating personalization tools like behavioural tracking and software platforms can collect and analyse data effectively. These tools also enable you to measure the satisfaction rate of your viewers, communicate directly with them, send targeted recommendations, surveys and more. By creating high-engaging content, these tools are designed to understand your visitors better, thus, it is easier to show information that matters to them.

Ensure a Relevant Experience

By sharing specific content that matters to your visitors, a stronger relationship between your company and the audience can be created.  Designing personalized information for each of your visitors shows that they are being treated as individuals, which automatically leads to better customer satisfaction.

Ensuring a custom-made and relevant experience aligned to every user’s needs can generate a positive impact on your visitor’s behaviour, as they are more likely to engage and interact with your website.

Improve Conversion Rates

Implementing automated website personalization is a great strategy to optimize your business. When delivering targeted and high-quality content, your customers are more likely to see your website as professional and trustworthy. With your customers keeping their interests in your brand, your website visibility can massively increase on search engines along with conversion rates.

It is possible to optimize your website performance by using automated personalization.

As explained further up, using tools of personalization correctly and efficiently can bring out multiple positive outcomes to your online site.  By providing a unique and relevant experience to every user, the success of your website can increase drastically, with a significant improvement in your website traffic and conversion rates.