What would the construction industry be right now without the achievements of technology? Thanks to technology there are hundreds of equipment tools that enable you to complete the work with less effort and easier, as well as increase the productivity and safety of your employees.

However, there are still many challenges that the construction industry is facing such as an increased risk to the safety and welfare of employees, construction speed, and efficiency.

Every construction company that wants to keep growing needs to learn to implement the latest technologies to their business, for example, using smart orange cone to make the workplace safer, here are 5 innovative ways how you can use technology to improve your construction business.


Wearables like smartwatches are currently so popular with smartphone users because they allow them to get message notifications and make phone calls from the smartwatch but wearables are also becoming essential in the construction site.

Workers are starting to wear smartwatches on the construction site, they monitor vital signs like blood pressure, percentage of oxygen in the blood, heart rate, and some can even detect abnormal heart rhythms.

They can share that health data with their employees so you can always know the health conditions of your employees. Some smartwatches are even able to detect falls and send an alert to emergency personnel.

Smartwatches also enable workers to communicate with other employees without using their hands.


Robots are changing the future of construction companies. They are not here to replace human resources but to make things easier for them, handle repetitive and risky tasks, and increase efficiency.

Robots and humans have different strengths and weaknesses so it is about learning how to take advantage of them.

Robots have a high precision in their movements which makes them perfect to perform dangerous tasks, workers can handle them remotely from a safe area in places where there is an increased risk of injuries like mines.

They also have great precision that minimizes the risk of human errors. Human resources can spend their time becoming more productive and work along with robots to increase efficiency.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a smart 3D model-based process that helps to create, design, and manage all the information about a project. It allows the user to build the project completely before doing it physically.

They come with tools that allow you to get a model-based estimate of the cost to build the project so you can develop a more accurate construction cost estimation.

You can visualize the project pre-construction, this will enable you to experience how to structure is going to look and perform any changes before the construction starts.

BIM projects come with cloud-based tools incorporated that allow for all the members of the team to collaborate in the project and ensure they have updated information on the project data. It can also reduce risks and the potential for errors. Helps improve safety by detecting the hazards before the construction starts. Using BIM technology helps to ensure better execution of the project.

Bodywear and Smart Hard Hat

Hard hats are already mandatory to all the workers in construction places but thanks to technology improvements know they come with more benefits.

They come with a sensor band inside the hat that will measure your vital signs and detect when you are feeling fatigued so you can take a break. They also detect microsleeps which can be dangerous in construction sites.

Bodywear is another wearable that helps to increase safety, they can be worn around the chest or bicep and have temperature sensors. When paired with existing construction equipment like construction cones, they can detect a wide range of dangerous gases to prevent exposure.


Drones are having a huge impact on the construction industry. They have great precision to collect and process data such as mapping measurements.

Data collection used to be a time-consuming job that requires a lot of labor but thanks to the use of drones now you can get more accurate results with less work.

Drones are able to perform an inspection and detect preventable issues that could put the safety of your employees at risk. They provide an easy way to monitor the progress of the construction project and are constantly taking videos and photos that you can use as marketing material.